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A guide to the beaches between Lisbon and Cascais
(The Estoril Coastline)

The coastline between Lisbon and Cascais is absolutely stunning and is lined with picturesque beaches and charming Portuguese resort towns. These beaches are characterised by golden sands, clean waters and great tourist facilities, making them suitable for the majority of visitors including families and older visitors.

Lisbon and Cascais coastline

The beautiful coastline between Lisbon and Cascais

The Estoril coastline is directly to the west of Lisbon and covers the resort towns of Oeiras, Carcavelos, Estoril, Cascais, and includes ten unique, sandy beaches. This coastline is one of the most popular in Portugal, and is this in part due to the excellent public transport from Lisbon. This guide will provide an introduction the beaches within the Oeiras, Carcavelos, Estoril and Cascais coastline.



Quick Summary of best beaches

The best beach for visitors based in Lisbon - Praia de Carcavelos.

The best beach closest to Estoril - Praia do Tamariz

The best beach closest to Cascais - Praia da Conceição

The prettiest beach - Praia da Rainha

The best surfing beach - Carcavelos (if there is space) and Guincho.

Beaches of the Lisbon/Estoril/Cascais coastline

The following section lists all of the beaches of the Estoril coastline and are in detailed in an east to west order. This means the beaches closest to Lisbon are first, and the beaches closest to Cascais are to the end of the article.

Praia de Santo Amaro de Oeiras

The Praia de Santo Amaro de Oeiras is the first large sized beach heading out of Lisbon. There is a large expanse of sand but the close proximity of the Tagus Estuary means that sometimes the water quality is questionable. The beach tends to attract more teenagers and this is reflected in the construction of the largest MacDonald’s in the Lisbon region. There are much better beaches, just a little further on the train.

Praia Santo Amaro de Oeiras beach

The large beach of Santo Amaro de Oeiras

Praia da Torre Beach

The Praia da Torre is a small but pretty beach, that stands in the shadow of the São Julião da Barra Fort. The beach is just to the east of Carcavelos beach and is a suitable option if the larger beach is crowded. As the Praia da Torre is on the estuary side of the fort the currents and waves are less powerful, therefore safer for children. Just along the promenade from the beach is a large ocean swimming pool with high diving boards. Praia da Torre is a beach worth visiting.

Praia da Torre Beach

The Praia da Torre is over looked by the São Julião da Barra Fort



Praia de Carcavelos

Praia de Carcavelos in our opinion is the best beach of the Lisbon coastline and is a great place for a day trip. Carcavelos is a massive beach, but it needs to be when the whole of Lisbon descends to the beach at the summer weekends.

The beach has powerful waves that are suitable for surfing and body barding. There are many good snack bars and restaurants along the beach front. The only downside is that it is a 700m walk from the train station to the beach. Surfing can get a little dangerous in the summer due to the number of people in the water.

Praia de Carcavelos

The Praia de Carcavelos during the summer season

Praia da Parede

Historically the waters of the Praia da Parede were regarded as having healing properties, which prompted the construction of the large Santanna Hospital. Today the cold sea waters have little healing benefits and most visitors overlook this small beach.

Praia da Parede beach

The healing waters of the Praia da Parede

Praia das Avencas

The Praia das Avencas is another small beach, which is nestled between high cliffs and rocky outcrops. This stretch of coastline is protected to support the marine life that thrives on the edge of the rocks and cliffs. Avencas beach is small but is a fun place for children to hunt through low tide rock pools.

Praia das Avencas beach

The Praia das Avencas beach



Praia da Bafureira

The Praia da Bafureira a small rocky beach that is next to São Pedro beach. The main attraction of the beach is hunting through the numerous rock pools for crabs or other small tidal marine life. Visit Praia da Bafureira if Sao Pedro beach is too crowded but the beach is unsuitable for surfing due to the rocks.

Praia da Bafureira beach

The beautiful scenary of the Praia da Bafureira beach

Praia de São Pedro do Estoril

Praia de São Pedro is a large beach that is a popular alternative to Carcavelos. The beach has similar sized surfing waves to Carcavelos but is usually less crowded. The beach is very close to the train station and is only a 200m walk.

Praia de São Pedro do Estoril beach

Only a lone surfer, the photo must have been take in the winter!

Praia da Poça

The Praia da Poça is the last (or first) beach along the Cascais-Estoril promenade. The beach has a small stretch of sand and the sea waters are clean and calm. There are better beaches but distance from Cascais means that it is usually significantly quieter than many others.

Praia da Poça beach

Praia da Poça is a 10 minute walk from Estoril

Praia do Tamariz beach

The Praia do Tamariz is the large beach that is directly in front of the Estoril Casino. The beach is more family orientated with calm sea waters and good tourist facilities. There is a tidal swimming pool just beyond the concrete groyne. Praia do Tamariz is another good beach but can get crowded in the summer. The train station is on the edge of the beach and makes the beach easily accessible for less mobile visitors.

Praia do Tamariz beach

The Forte da Cruz on the edge of Tamariz beach



Praia das Moitas

The Praia das Moitas is a small beach that lies part way between Estoril and Cascais. The beach has formed on the leeward side of a concrete groyne. It is a bit of a non-descript beach, but there’s nothing negative to say about the it.

Praia das Moitas beach

The very average Praia das Moitas

Praia da Duquesa and the Praia da Conceição

The Duquesa and Conceição beaches comprise of the largest stretch of sand within walking distance of Cascais. The two beaches are separated by a small headland with the Praia da Conceição on the western side, closest to Cascais. These are popular beaches during the summer.

Praia da Duquesa  beach

The Praia da Duquesa and.....

Praia da Conceição  beach

...the Praia da Conceição are the same beach!

Praia da Rainha

The Praia da Rainha is a very pretty but small beach that is surrounded by cliffs and overlooks the fishing harbour. The beach is named the Queen’s Beach (Praia da Rainha) as it was the private beach of queen Dona Amelia (the last queen of Portugal). This beach is right in the centre of Cascais but can get very busy.

Praia da Rainha beach

The small and secluded Praia da Rainha



Praia da Ribeira

The Praia da Ribeira is the beach directly in front of the Cascais fishing harbour and was where the fishing boats were brought ashore. The sheltered location means that the waters are some of the calmest in the region ideal for young children. The beach is small, scenic and fine for a couple of hours relaxing.

Praia da Ribeira beach

Praia da Ribeira in central Cscais

Praia da Guincho

Praia da Guincho is 8km to the north of Cascais so is technically not in the Estoril coastline but is so great that it needs to be listed. Guincho beach faces a westerly direction and is pounded by massive Atlantic Ocean waves, ideal for experienced surfers.

Praia da Guincho beach

The stunning landscape of Guincho beach

The beach is situated in the Serra de Sintra national park so there is almost not tourist development, just massive sand dunes and steep cliffs. There is a bus service from Cascais but it is difficult to reach the beach from Lisbon. For a guide to Guincho beach please click here or to read about the popular cycle route to Guincho beach please click here.

Guincho beach

The massive sand dunes on the way to Guincho beach


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