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Lisbon weather and when to go and visit Lisbon?

Lisbon has long hot summers, pleasant spring and autumns and mild but unpredictable winters. The height of the tourist season is from June until the end of August, while the beaches are at their busiest between July and August when the residents of Lisbon flock to the coast for their summer holidays. This guide will detail when to visit Lisbon and suggest activities for each of the seasons, along with travel tips.

A Quick Overview of Lisbon Weather

In Lisbon the summer months are very hot, with day time temperatures reaching 35°C, but there is often a cooling breeze due to the close proximity of the ocean. The sun will be at its most intense during the summer and maybe too strong for children or fair skinned people to visit the beaches.

Lisbon Weather

The average weather of Lisbon - maximum day time temperature against number of wet days

The winter months in Lisbon are mild with an average of 15°C but there is always the risk of rain. Generally in the winter there an equal number of grey wet days as dry bright days. Winter evenings are cool so always bring jumpers and jackets.



Tip – Sun block and sun tan locations are very expensive in Portugal, it is recommended to bring from your home country.

Lisbon rainfall rain

Amount of rainfall and number of wet days for Lisbon

The spring and autumn months transition between the winter and summer, the notable month is Abril when there can be thunderous downpours. Early spring can be a great month for a touring holiday. Weather that is suitable for spending time on the beach from May until the end of September.

So when is the best time of year to visit Lisbon?

The best time of year to visit Lisbon is during the popular saint celebrations, which are the first 2 weeks of June. The collimation of the festivities is on the 13th June, the patron saint day of Saint Anthony. During the popular saint celebrations the whole of Lisbon (and Portugal) celebrate, there are street parties with traditional music and dancing, barbeques sell grilled sardines and the city is decorated in tinsel and streamers. Early June has also great weather and the beaches are not as crowded as the height of the summer.

Lisbon  Temperature hot cold

Lisbon temperature in C and F

Lisbon by the Seasons

The following section details each of the seasons of Lisbon in-depth and suggests suitable sights and activates for that time of year.

When to visit Lisbon - The Summer Season

The height of the tourist season for Lisbon stretches from June until the end of August and is mainly due to the holiday season within the rest of Europe. Many business shut for a month long holiday during August but this has little impact on the tourist services, cafes or restaurants unlike the Spanish capital, Madrid.

Lisbon Sunshine hours

Hours of sun and sunshine for Lisbon

Lisbon's beaches will be packed during August as at the weekend the capital drains and heads to the sands and cooling waters of Cascais or Costa da Caparica. As Lisbon is on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean the city never has truly unbearable heat. July and August day time averages are 27C but the intensity of the sun can make sightseeing difficult.


The close vicinity of the ocean always ensures that a cooling breeze blows just after sun set during the hot summer months. During the summer expect to pay more, be forced to book accommodation in advance and share the experience with many other visitors.

When to visit Lisbon - The Winter Season

At the other end of the year, winter, is the off season and this is mainly due to the unpredictable weather. Lisbon can have a surprising amount of rainy gray days but an equal number of good clear and bright days. This is the time of year for bargains and best suited to budget travelers but don't go expecting a winter sun destination.

When to visit Lisbon - The Spring Season

Mid to late spring is possibly the best time of the year to visit Lisbon with long sunny days without the intensity of summer. During the spring months Lisbon is surprising green as flowers bloom and blossom before the long dry summer. As Lisbon is a city that was designed to be explored on foot the spring months provide the perfect weather for walking the seven hills.

The carnival and party season of Lisbon occurs during June and commemorates the patron saint days of Lisbon's popular saints , Peter, John and most importantly Anthony the patron saint of Lisbon. During the two weeks there are sardines grilled on street corners and traditional jolly music danced to in small plazas. The culmination is a carnival where different districts battle to have the most extravagant display. This short period is by far the best time of year to visit Lisbon and any tourist within the vicinity should make the effort to see how Lisbon parties.


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The Best Guide to Lisbon