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Lisbon Walking Tours

Lisbon is a city that was designed to be explored on foot, with delights hidden down every narrow alley, be that an architectural masterpiece through to a welcoming cafe. There are whole districts of Lisbon where the streets are simply too narrow to allow traffic to enter while other areas are packed full of tourist sights but set amidst parklands with no roads. Lisbon walking tours are the only and best method to explore the city!

The popular tourist bus tours will briefly show the main sights of Lisbon but a walking tour will unearth the true gems of this great city. The three walking tours cover distinctly different areas of Lisbon and have been carefully walked by us to ensure nothing is missed. Each walking tour takes approximately half a tourist day (3 hours) and the three selected walking tours of Lisbon are:

Lisbon has grown across seven hills of varying heights so during the walking tours expect to climb some steep streets especially around the castle and the Chiado district of Lisbon. In the next section is an over view of each Lisbon walking tours.

Jardim de São Pedro de Alcântara viewpoint

The Jardim de São Pedro de Alcântara viewpoint

Belem Walking Tour

The Belem walking tour covers the delightful district of Belem to the west of Lisbon, this area is full of wide open parkland that extends down to the river Tagus. Click here to read the Lisbon walking tour of Belem. Contained within Belem are some of the capitals most iconic landmarks including the Torre de Belem, the discovery monument and the Jeronimos Monastery. Belem was the focal point for Portugal’s golden era of seafaring brilliance and Belem flourished on the riches imported from the colonies. Belem is a joy to explore and is often the favourite area of tourists to Lisbon.



Alfama to the Castle Walking Tour

The Alfama district is as different from Belem as possible with a maze of winding streets skirting up the hill to the castle. The area was once the ghetto of Lisbon which managed to survive the 1755 earthquake and today it is flourishing and trend area of Lisbon which has still retained all of its deeply traditional heritage. Alfama is the home to the haunting Fado music that wafts out of the small bars, while major tourist sights include the city’s Se Cathedral and mighty castle all connected by the quaint number 28 tram. To read a walking tour of this traditional maze please click here for Lisbon walking tour of Alfama.

Post 1755 Walking Tour

Central Lisbon was completely rebuilt after the 1755 earthquake and was the first city to be based upon a grid layout. To read the post 1755 walking tour of Lisbon please click here. The Baixa (meaning lower) district of Lisbon is the heart of the city, with the four magnificent squares connected by grand avenues while the Chiado district was historically for the artisans, thinkers and writers of Portugal. The walking tour includes the Saint Justa Elevator, the ruins of the Carmo Church and ends with a spectacular view across the Tagus river.

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