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Gare do Oriente Station, Lisbon

The Gare do Oriente is a major train, bus and metro station located in eastern Lisbon that provides travel connections to the whole of Portugal. The complex is a modern, well designed station that is safe, clean and hassle free to travel from. The station was constructed as a center piece for Expo 98 and the striking ultra-modern design means that the station is a notable tourist attraction in conjunction with the Parque das Nações. This guide will provide an overview of the Gare do Oriente station, the services that depart from here and tourist information details.

Gare do Oriente Lisbon

The train station at Gare do Oriente

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Trains to Sintra (guide here) and Cascais/Estoril (guide here) do not depart from Gare do Oriente they depart from Rossio station (for Sintra) and Cais do Sodré (for Cascais). Most intercity train services for Lisbon stop at both Gare do Oriente and Santa Apolonia station (always check train schedule). Santa Apolonia station is more convenient for visitors who are based in downtown Lisbon (Baixa, Alfama and Bairro Alto districts) - for a guide to Santa Apolonia please click here.

Gare do Oriente Station Overview

The Gare do Oriente is Portugal's busiest station (combined bus, train and metro), handling more passengers than New York's Grand Central Station, but the station complex has been expertly designed so that visitors pass through with the minimal of stress.



The station is attached to the large Vasco da Gama shopping centre and within the Orient station are good amenities. The Gare do Oriente should be the preferred choice for coach departures/arrivals over the capital's other old and grotty bus stations. The Orient station was constructed as part of the Expo 98 building program and is styled in an ultra modern reflection of gothic architecture, meaning that most visitors are taken aback when they first view the station.

Gare do Oriente Lisbon

The Parque das Nações next to Gare do Oriente

Gare do Oriente Train Station

The ticket office is open 05:30 to 22:10 (Mon-Fri) and 06:15 to 22:10 (Sat-Sun). Tickets for popular routes during the summer season should be booked well in advance and all tickets must be purchased before boarding the trains. To avoid going to the station before the departure tickets can be booked from the CP (Comboios de Portugal – the national train operator) at WWW.CP.PT. There is an English translation for WWW.CP.PT and, as this is the website of the train operator, the site always offers the cheapest prices. Train travel is very cheap in Portugal and sometimes inter-rail tickets (Europe wide travel tickets) can be more expensive.

Alfa Pendular trains

The Alfa Pendular trains

Gare do Oriente is the main terminus for Lisbon and the Alfa Pendular high speed inter city train route that runs the length of the country. From here there are regular fast services north to Coimbra and Porto or south to Algarve.There are also slower services connecting most of the major cities of Portugal. From Gare do Oriente there are no train services to Sintra or Cascais these trains depart from Rossio (Sintra) and Cais do Sodré (Cascais).



Gare do Oriente Bus Station and Metro

The Renex bus company use Oriente bus station as their main hub. Renex have many bus routes connecting Lisbon to the important towns of Portugal and their main ticket sales office is located in the Oriente bus station. The Spanish coach company Auto-Res use Oriente as their terminal in Lisbon and from here there are many services to the big cities of Spain. Portugal's main coach operator Rede Expressos use Sete Rios bus station as their hub in Lisbon.

Gare do Oriente Lisbon

The bus station at Gare do Oriente

The Gare do Oriente train station is a major metro station that for many years was the final stop of the red metro line, now this line now extends to the airport and was opened in September 2012. The Gare do Oriente metro station is on the lower levels of the station under a mass of inter locking concrete arched pillars. The red metro line does not extend to central Lisbon and a change to either the yellow, blue or green is required.

History of Gare do Oriente

The Gare do Oriente train station was constructed as the main passenger terminus for Expo98 show which was held just to the west of the station. The organizing committee invited designers to submit plans for the muti-tier station that could also act as an exhibit hall during the exposition. The Spanish designer Santiago Calatrava was selected in 1994 and construction started a year later. The station was officially opened on the 19th May 1998 two months before the start of Expo 98.


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