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Cais do Sodre, Train, Ferry and Metro station, Lisbon

For a guide to the district of Cais do Sodre - please click here

Cais do Sodre is an important train, ferry and metro station that is situated to the west of central Lisbon. The Cais do Sodré train station is the Lisbon terminus for the Cascais railway, which connects the capital to the stunning beaches and towns of Cascais, Estoril and Oeiras.

ferry Cacilhas from Lisbon

The ferry to Cacilhas from Lisbon

The Cais do Sodré ferry terminal provides important commuter routes that inexpensively cross the Tejo River. The only ferry route which is of interest for tourists is the service to the Cristo Rei Statue and for a guide to all of Lisbon's ferries please click here. Cais do Sodré metro station is the final station on the green metro line and provides rapid access to the entire city. This article will provide an overview of the Cais do Sodré train station, ferry terminal and metro station and is designed for tourists and holiday makers.



Cais do Sodré Lisbon Overview

Cais do Sodré is located to the west of Lisbon on the Avenida de Ceuta and banks of the Tejo Estuary, approximately 1.5km from Rossio square and central Lisbon. Most visitors travel to the station via the metro, as the station is the final stop on the green metro line. Taxi is a faster option of travel and taxi travel is inexpensive in Portugal, but always ensure the meter is used.

There are two main building for the Cais do Sodré station complex, the railway station with the metro below and the ferry terminal on the edge of the river. Both sections are well signed with English used as the second language and it is easy to navigate around the stations. There are cafes and shops within the railway station and a Pingo Duce super market close to the ferry terminal.

Cais Sodre train station Lisbon

The exterior of Cais do Sodré train station

Cascais Railway from Cais do Sodré

The Cascais railway follows the coastline westbound from Lisbon and serves the following resorts and beaches; for an in-depth travel guide for each location, click on the link.
Santo Amaro Beach (€1.85 single, 15min)
Carcavelos Beach (€1.85 single, 20min)*
Sao Pedro Beach (€2.15 single, 30min)
Estoril (€2.15 single, 35 min)
Cascais (€2.15 single, 40min)

*Carcavelos is the best beach easily accessible from Lisbon

cascais train

The train to Cascais and Estoril from Lisbon

There is a train departure every 20 minutes during day light hours, with the first train at 5:30am and the last train at 1:30am. Tickets must be purchased before boarding the train and can be purchased from the ticket office or ticket machines, which have English instructions. Tickets are charged to the "Viva Viagem" reusable card, which costs €0.50 for the initial purchase.



Cais do Sodré Ferry Terminal

The Cais do Sodré station is located on the edge of the Tejo River and is a major ferry terminal, with services connecting to the southern bank of the estuary. These ferry services are important commuter routes, as they avoid the bottle neck of the Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge. The two ferry routes are to Seixal and Cacilhas. There is nothing of interest for tourists at Seixal, but Cacilhas is the ferry terminal for the bus to the Cristo Rei statue. Also at Cacilhas is the Fernando II Gloria, the last sail powered ship constructed by the Portuguese navy.

lisbon ferry

A ferry crossing the river Tejo

A ride on the ferries is a pleasant alternative activity while based in Lisbon, and the services from Cais do Sodré provide wonderful views of the bridge and shoreline. For a guide about Lisbon ferries please click here. There are multiple ferry departures per hour, with the last service late at night. The Cacilhas route uses the older orange boats (€1.20 single, 20 minutes) while the longer route to Seixal uses the newer and faster catamarans (€2.35 single, 20 minutes). Tickets are charged to the "Viva Viagem" card and may be purchased from the ticket office or the machines; since these are commute routes, it’s best to avoid the rush hour.

Cais do Sodré Random Facts and history

The Linha de Cascais was opened in December 1890, but the final terminus was at Alcantara-Mar, approximately 3 km further down the train line. The Cais do Sodré Lisbon was added to the train line in 1895.

Historically, the official time of Portugal was set against a clock which once stood outside the train station. The clock set the official time from 1914, until a digital service was introduced in 2001.

Cais do Sodré Lisbon was the scene of Lisbon's deadliest structural disaster. On the morning of May 28th 1963 the interior of the main station collapsed, killing 49 commuters and severely injuring 40. The roof collapsed due to badly designed reinforced concrete that had been constructed during the 1950s.


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