Costa da Caparica Holiday Questions

Why Should I visit the Costa da Caparica?

The Costa da Caparica is one of finest coastlines of western Portugal. The massive beach extends for over the 30km along the length of the Setubal Peninsular and is pounded by powerful Atlantic waves that are ideal for surfing.

During the summer season funky beach parties are hosted at the remote beach bars and party goers can dance on the sand under the moon light. Lisbon is less than 15km (30 minute bus ride) away and it is relatively easy to explore Lisbon as a day trip. Costa da Caparica is primarily a Portuguese resort town so the whole area provides great value for money especially when compared to the Algarve.

So what are the negatives to the Costa da Caparica?

The main resort town of Costa da Caparica could be described as bland or even ugly, with characterless apartment blocks and hotels. The northern beaches are very busy at the weekends but this is no different to the whole of the Lisbon coastline.

Costa de Caparica

The deserted beaches near Costa de Caparica

Hotels sell out quickly during the summer as the region is extremely popular with the Portuguese, so must be booked well in advance for the best prices. Lisbon is accessible from Costa da Caparica but public transport is not great and it is much easier to visit Lisbon from the resort of Cascais or Estoril.



Do I need a rental car?

A rental car is great to explore the region surrounding Costa da Caparica. With a car the pretty town of Sesimbra or the fishing port of Setubal can be easily visited. Never take a car into Lisbon, driving in the capital is erratic and parking is horrendous.


The centre of Lisbon

Rental cars in Portugal always have massive excess insurance (+€800), which can be reduced by hidden additional charges of €10-15 per day. All rental companies in Portugal employ this sneaky practice, which sometimes doubles the prices of rentals. If you are to be based in the Costa da Caparica for the duration of your holiday it is recommended to hire a rental car.

Lisbon airport to Costa da Caparica

There are many different methods of onward travel. A taxi will cost around €35-45 while a pre-booked transfer will cost slightly less. By public transport take the metro from airport to the Praça de Espanha metro station (on the blue line) and catch the bus to Costa da Caparica.

TAP air

TAP air is the national airline of Portugal

Bus departures are every 30 minutes and the journey is around 40 minutes. The only issue is that bus departures do not run late into the night, if you are arriving later than 6pm a taxi is the only realistic option.



Back to the Sea and surfing

The sea is one of the main draws of the coastline with constant great swells. There are numerous places to hire equipment and a couple of good surf schools. The sea is shockingly cold so it is worth bringing a wet suit even in the summer. There are strong tides and currents but the main beach is life guard protected.

Costa da Caparica beach

The Costa da Caparica during the summer months


There are many good restaurants and cafes in the main resort town of Costa da Caparica. The Portuguese eat late and continue well into the evening. During the summer the town has a lively atmosphere but the trendy way to spend a night is find the location of the beach parties at the beach bars. The popular nights are at the weekend.

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