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The Igreja da Misericordia Church, Lisbon

All that remains of Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Misericordia is the decorative main entrance to the church which appears to have no place in such a bland back street of Lisbon. The Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Misericordia is located to the east of Praça do Comércio on the edges of the Alfama district and is the justification as a tourist to walk through new cities to discover hidden gems which do not appear on any classic tour route.

Misericordia Church, Lisbon

The decrotive facade to the nonexist church

The church was destroyed by the 1755 earthquake but incorporated in the reconstruction of Baixa. The one wall and the entrance, all that remains of the church, signifies the grandeur of the ruined church and its importance within the religious daily life of the city. The stone work is of the highest standard with intricate carved figures that surround the main entrance.



The scene of the main entrance is of the Virgin Mary protecting key figures of the era including Pope Leao X. The church was constructed in the manueline style of architecture and records of the era state that there was a significant emphasis angles and flowers.

The church was originally commissioned during the 15th century by Lenor the widow of King John II. The Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Misericordia was constructed on the site of a Jewish synagogue in the old Jewish district of Lisbon during an era of reparation against the Jewish community.

The church was completely destroyed by the earthquake of 1755 which obliterated great swaths of Lisbon which faced the River Tejo. The front facade of the church was incorporated into the surrounding buildings and the grand entrance to the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Misericordia remains to stand forever.

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