Costa da Caparica in the low or off season

The Costa da Caparica is a stunning 30 km long coastline of sandy beaches that look out onto the powerful Atlantic. The main town of the region is Costa da Caparica and is located to the northern edge of the peninsular. During the height of the season (June to August) Costa da Caparica is a lively and enjoyable resort that is popular with the Portuguese. Outside of the main tourist season Costa da Caparica is a mixed bag and this guide will highlight what to expect when visiting Costa da Caparica in the low or off tourist seasons.

Costa da Caparica coastline

The long expanse of sand that is the Costa da Caparica coastline

What to Expect from Costa da Caparica in the low season

The low season for the Lisbon region is April to June and September and half of October. The off-season is from mid-October until March. During the low season the majority of the days are bright and sunny but temperatures are not generally warm enough for relaxing on the beach.



The low season is an ideal time to explore the region and there can be fantastic bargains to be found. The off-season provides unpredictable weather and most tourist facilities around Costa da Caparica will be shut. Costa da Caparica will feel very quiet and empty during the off season but it does provide the best value of money.

Costa da Caparica  weather

Costa da Caparica in the Low Season

In the low season Costa da Caparica can act as suitable base from which to explore the Setubal Peninsular. There is a surprising amount to see south of Lisbon especially for those visitors with a car. Popular day trips include visiting the pretty resort town of Sesimbra, the fishing port of Setubal and the castle of Castelo de Palmela. For a rental car touring holiday, it is advised not to be based in Lisbon due to the horrendous traffic and nightmare parking and for this reason Costa da Caparica could be a suitable base.

Costa da Caparica in the off Season

Unfortunately in the off-season (November-early March) there is very little to recommend Costa da Caparica apart from the off-season prices. It is possible to have day trips to Lisbon but if you intend on having a city break, you might as well be based in Lisbon not 30 minutes outside.

Costa da Caparica beach

The powerful surf of Costa da Caparica during the winter

Where to go in the Off Season then?

During the low and off season it is sometimes better to be based on the Cascais – Estoril coastline, to the west of Lisbon. Costa da Caparica is connected to Lisbon by a regular bus service which takes approximately 30 minutes but it is easier to visit Lisbon from Cascais or Estoril via the direct rail service.



Costa da Caparica is a modern, if non-descript resort town with its main focus being the fantastic beach, in the low or off-season there is not much else on offer. Cascais on the other hand has a pretty historic centre and is much easier to visit Lisbon and both resorts offer the same prices in the low seasons. Therefore we suggested between November and February to be based in Lisbon or Cascais, for a guide to Cascais or Lisbon please click on the respective links.


The Costa da Caparica is an enjoyable beach resort during the summer season but in the low and off seasons Costa da Caparica will feel very quiet. If you are visiting the region during the off-season either plan to be based in Cascais or Lisbon. The low season is suited for the more intrepid visitor who wishes to explore the region but do not expect constant beach weather. The off season has cool temperatures and a significant number of wet days

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