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Lisbon to Queluz National Palace

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The Queluz National Palace is a beautiful example of a late baroque palace that was commissioned by the 18-th century king, Dom Pedro III. The ornate palace has been compared to the Portuguese version of Versailles and the complex makes for a pleasant half day excursion from Lisbon. This guide will detail how to travel to the Queluz National Palace from Lisbon by public transport.

Queluz National Palace

The Queluz National Palace

Queluz National Palace from Lisbon an Overview

It is relatively easy to travel from Lisbon to the Queluz National Palace, as the town of Queluz is connected to the main railway of the region. The train ride from Lisbon to Queluz takes less than 20 minutes and from the station there is a pleasant 15 minute walk to the palace.

Rossio train station

Rossio train station's ornate front

There is a direct bus service from Lisbon to the palace but the bus station is located far to the north west of the capital and the bus departures are less frequent than the train. For most tourists the train (and short walk) is the most convenient method of travel. As there is such good public transport in the Lisbon region there is no need to hire a rental car and driving in Lisbon is notoriously difficult.

Lisbon to Queluz by Train

The train to Queluz is served by the Lisbon-Sintra railway, which departs from Rossio train station in central downtown Lisbon. Rossio train station is served by the green metro line and the Rossio metro station but if you are based within the Baixa or Alfama districts it is easier to walk to the station. The railway is a single regional line with all trains from Rossio station heading to Sintra via Queluz. The service is an important commuter route so there are a minimum of 3 departures hourly during day light hours and trains continue late into the night.



A single ticket from Lisbon to Queluz costs €1.55 and is charged to the Viva Viagem reusable metro card. The initial purchase of the Viva Viagem is €0.50 and is used for metro, bus and ferry tickets. Tickets must be purchased before boarding the train. The train journey is 20 minutes from Lisbon Queluz.

Queluz Train

The Queluz Train in Rossio station

There are two stations for Queluz; Queluz-Belas station and Monte Abraão. It is an equal walk to the Queluz National Palace from both stations and neither station is very appealing , opening into older residential apartment blocks. From Queluz-Belas head south and Monte Abraão head east then south, from both stations leave from the side that the train pulls into (left side from Lisbon). The walk from both stations pass through the Mata da Matinha Park and the route is pleasnt. If you loose your directions do not be afraid of asking a local, they are used to lost and confused tourists.

Queluz National Palace Tourist Details

The palace is open every day from 9:00 until 17:30 but last entry is at 17:00. There are two types of ticket, the first is just to the grounds and the second is to the interior of the palace and the grounds. The prices for the combined ticket are €8.50/7.00 (adult/child) while the garden tickets are €3.50/2.50 (adult/child). The typical length of visitor depends on your fascination with historical monuments but most visitors stay between 1.5-2 hours.

Lisbon to Queluz National Palace by bus

The bus from Lisbon to the Queluz National Palace is not the recommended means of travel. The bus service is the 101 route which departs from the Colégio Militar bus station. The bus station is located on the blue metro line and is close to the Colombo shopping centre and the stadium de Luz football ground.

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