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Cacilhas ferry, metro and bus station

Cacilhas is a major transport hub on the southern side of the River Tejo. The complex was designed as a key connection point for the ferry services across the river and onward bus and metro travel. This guide will provide an overview of the services departing from Cacilhas and highlight some of the connections which may be useful for visitors, including the bus services Costa da Caparica to the Cristo Rei statue. While at the Cacilhas ferry terminal don’t forget to visit the beautiful restored Fernando II Gloria, Portugal’s last sail powered ship.

ferry Cacilhas from Lisbon

The ferry to Cacilhas from Lisbon

Cacilhas Ferry

The most important transport service departing from Cacilhas are the commuter ferry services north to Lisbon. The Ponte de Abril suspension bridge may be a stunning monument but is a serious traffic bottleneck and many of Lisbon’s commuters travel into the capital via the express ferry services. The ferry connects Cacilhas to Cais do Sodré in Lisbon. Cais do Sodré is major train to Cascais/Estoril and the final metro station on the green line.



For visitors the ferry ride provides a completely different perspective of the shore line of the city and is an inexpensive activity. A single ticket costs €1.25 and is charged to the Viva Viagem ticket (€0.50 reusable) which is used by the entire transport network of Lisbon. There are ferry departures in both directions approximately every 20 minutes during the working day and the service continues until 1:20 am (from Cacilhas) or 1:40am (from Lisbon).

For an enjoyable boat trip (and window seat) try to avoid the extended rush hours. The ferry ride is approximately 15 minutes and passes close to the suspension bridge.

Cacilhas Metro

There are two over land metro service which depart from Cacilhas station. The first service heads south to Corroios via the residential districts of Almada and is of little importance to visitors. The second route heads west via Pragal train station but does not extend as far as the Costa de Caparica.

Cacilhas metro tst

The Cacilhas metro is operated by TST

From Pragal train station it is possible to catch regional trains to Setubal. A single metro ticket costs €0.85 and is charged to the Viva Viagem card. The metro service has up to 8 services an hour which align with the ferry services and continue until 1:00am.

Cacilhas bus station

Cacilhas acts as the main bus station of the Almada region with most services departing from here. The station is well organised with route numbers clearly displayed above the bus stands and detailed bus timetables attached to the stands. The key bus services for visitors are buses to the Christ Statue and Costa De Caparica but there are buses to Setubal and Sesimbra.

Cacilhas to Cristo Rei by bus

The main reason that most visitors cross to Cacilhas ferry terminal is to visit the statue of Christ (Cristo Rei) and the panoramic view point over the River Tagus and Lisbon. The number 101 bus service provides a regular and direct bus service from Cacilhas to Cristo Rei.

christ statue

The christ statue is high above Lisbon

The bus departs daily every 30 minutes between 8:00-19:00. From Cacilhas the 101 bus departs at 00 and 30 past the hour while from Cristo Rei the departures are at 25 and 55 past the hour. Tickets are bought from the bus driver and a single costs €1.20 or €2.00 for a return. The journey takes around 20 minutes.

Cacilhas to Costa De Caparica bus

There are direct bus services from Cacilhas to the beach resort of Costa De Caparica. There are two services bus 124 and 135. Service 135 is the preferred option by being the express service only following the major roads but there is only a one or two departures an hour.

Costa De Caparica beach

The fishing boats of the Costa De Caparica beach

The journey is 20 minutes and a single costs €2.50. The regional 125 bus service has three departures every hour but is painfully slow at 45 minutes, its bets to wait for the express service. The price of the combined ferry and bus journey is the same as the direct Lisbon to Costa De Caparica service and removes the confusion around the Areiro bus station.

Cacilhas to Fonta da Telha bus

Bus service 127 connects Cacilhas to the small village of Fonta da Telha, approximately half way down the Costa De Caparica coastline. This small but trendy resort is the final stop of the mini train that follows the beach. There are bus departures every hour along the 25 minute route and the bus fare is €3.10, which is purchased from the driver.

The Fernando II Gloria

The Fernando II Gloria frigate was the last sail driven ship constructed by the Portuguese navy and this majestic black hulled boat is fully open for the public to explore. The boat is just south of the bus station and is open 10am-5pm Tuesday to Sunday and the entrance fee is €4.00. The attraction is perfect if waiting for an onward connection.

Fernando II Gloria ship

The mighty Fernando II Gloria ship

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